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Our Approach


We believe that your benefits program should allow you to provide all participating members with tax-effective compensation of value, while mitigating risks, containing overall costs and taking maximum advantage of the tools found within the income tax act. These areas of strong focus lead us to continuously seek and develop unique, forward-thinking and proven strategies and solutions.

We use an exclusive consulting process to articulate the purpose of your Employee Benefits Program, develop goals relative to the plan purpose and then determine actual results in accomplishing these goals.

Our focus as a consulting organization is on the design, implementation and on-going management of Employee Benefit programs.


Group Retirement

A well-designed Retirement Savings Plan is a very effective tool for both attracting and retaining employees.

Rockwater Benefits offers its clients a full range of retirement products ranging from defined benefit pension plans, to the increasingly popular and easier to administer defined contribution plans.

Here are some of the Retirement Savings and Pension Plans Rockwater Benefits can provide:

Deferred Profit Sharing Programs    Defined Contribution Pension Plans    Group RRSPs    Individual Pension Plans
 Non-Registered Savings Plans    Retirement Compensation Arrangements

Group Benefits

Group Insurance plans are viewed by employees as being one of the most important elements in their total compensation. For that reason, it is vital that employers who wish to retain their existing staff and attract qualified new employees provide a competitive benefits program. Here are some of the programs and services Rockwater Benefits can provide:

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  • health-and-dental-icon

Why Rockwater

Our core business is employee benefit consulting.  We clearly understand that our function is to assess the challenges facing today’s employers with respect to employee benefits.  Once a well-crafted benefits program is in place we will continue to advise your company and advocate with the benefits community on your behalf.