Our Approach

Phase I – Analyze

We meet with you to understand your philosophy and ultimate goals

We review your current plan, provide alternate suggestions based on your philosophy and marketplace standards

We analyze your current financial arrangement and make suggestions based on our findings

Phase II – Plan

Determine if your incumbent carrier is sufficient to meet your needs in terms of service, appropriate pricing, technological capabilities and administrative capabilities

If your needs are not being met we will, upon discussion with you, initiate a market study

Phase III – Implementation

Implementation of the plan or plan changes

Prepare employee communication material for distribution and conduct employee meetings

Phase IV – On-going Management

Long-term management of your Employee Benefit Plan via meetings designed to enhance you and your employee’s understanding of your Employee Benefit Plan

We integrate our services with the services offered by the various carriers to ensure effective training relative to plan administration, claims submission and follow-up, premium billings, etc.